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As of 04/08/2019

F-30 Schiel Stormwater Detention Basin


Project Description

This project is part of the Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program, which focuses on the 52‑square-mile Little Cypress Creek watershed in northwest Harris County. This area, which is experiencing rapid development with construction of the Grand Parkway, lacks sufficient natural drainage to accommodate expected growth. By collaborating with landowners and developers, the program works to identify a large-scale, mutually beneficial plan for drainage that cost‑effectively maximizes stormwater mitigation, flood damage reduction and water quality, as well as opportunities for public recreational amenities and open space.

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The Schiel basin project involves design and construction of a stormwater detention basin to reduce flooding risks in the Little Cypress Creek Watershed. This basin will help reduce existing flood levels and allow for future stormwater infrastructure improvements that will reduce the risk of flooding in this area.

The basin site, which is expected to include more than 580 acres, is located north of Highway 290 and west of the Grand Parkway, near the intersection of Bauer and Schiel roads, in northwest Harris County.

The basin is in design. When complete, it is expected to hold a total of approximately 1.6-1.9 billion gallons, or between 5,000 and 6,000 acre-feet, of excess stormwater.

Projects that are part of the Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program will be partially funded by the 2018 Bond Program. Development impact fees also support the frontier program. Bond Project F-30 is a “Local Only” bond project, which means there is no other funding partner at this time and construction costs will be paid with bond funding.

Total allocation for all phases of this multi-phase project is currently $16 million on the Bond Project List.

Stormwater detention basins reduce flooding risks and damages during heavy rain events by safely storing excess stormwater and slowly releasing it back to the bayou when the threat of flooding has passed.

Project Milestones

January 8, 2019 – Harris County Commissioners Court declared a public necessity and authorized the acquisition of three tracts of land in support of this project

Recent Action

March 26, 2019 – Harris County Commissioners Court approved a $2.23 million addition to a contract with an engineering firm to conduct design, bidding and construction stage engineering services in support of this project.

Community Engagement Meeting was held on:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
(Presentation to begin at 6:15 p.m. with an open house to follow)
Richard & Meg Weekley Community Center 8440 Greenhouse Road, Cypress, Texas 77433