Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin

Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin

Recent Action

June 8, 2021 Harris County Commissioners Court acknowledge substantial completion of this project.


The Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin reduces the risk of flooding in the mid-reach stretch of Greens Bayou by taking in excess stormwater during heavy rain events and then releasing it slowly back to the channel when the threat of flooding has passed. The stormwater detention basin, completed in April 2021, holds 2,325 acre-feet, or 757.6 million gallons, of excess stormwater that might otherwise flood homes and businesses.

Just over 22 acres of native tree and shrub plantings, almost 13 acres of stormwater quality treatment wetlands and 14 acres of other created wetlands were implemented as part of this project. In addition to the stormwater detention basin, Greens Bayou Tributary P145-00-00 was enhanced and stabilized with natural stable channel design features, which will help minimize erosion, stabilize the banks, slow the flow of water, shade the water and create a habitat for birds and other wildlife.

When awarded, the construction contract Glen Forest and Kuykendahl stormwater detention basins was the largest single construction contract ever managed by the Flood Control District.

The Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin is part of the comprehensive flood risk reduction plan for the mid-reach stretch of Greens Bayou, which includes construction of 11 miles of channel conveyance improvements and four stormwater detention basins: Aldine Westfield (Phase 1 complete), Glen Forest (complete), Kuykendahl (complete), and Lauder (Phase 1 under construction).


The Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin is located on a 288-acre property south Kuykendahl Road and west of Ella Boulevard.


This project is COMPLETE.


In February 2015, FEMA awarded $39.2 million to the Harris County Flood Control District, under the Hurricane Ike Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), for the construction of the Glen Forest and Kuykendahl stormwater detention basins. The Flood Control District contributed matching funds to fully fund the projects, bringing the total cost of construction to $63.7 million.