Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin

Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin

Recent Action

June 8, 2021 Harris County Commissioners Court acknowledge substantial completion of this project.


Greens Bayou Mid-Reach Program
This project is part of the Greens Mid-Reach Program. As originally envisioned, the Greens Mid-Reach Program is a several-hundred-million-dollar effort focused on the area from Veterans Memorial Drive downstream to JFK Boulevard. The Flood Control District began implementing this vision in the 2000s to bring much-needed flood risk reduction to residents along Greens Bayou.

In total, the Greens Mid-Reach Program proposes 11 miles of channel conveyance improvements and 10,500 acre-feet of stormwater storage through five stormwater detention basins to mitigate the increased flow of water and prevent any regional impacts. As of July 2022, 8,200 acre-feet of the required stormwater detention has already been completed or is currently under construction, including Bond Project C-33, the Aldine Westfield Stormwater Detention Basin, and Bond Project C-34, the Lauder Stormwater Detention Basin. The Glen Forest Stormwater Detention Basin and the Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin are fully constructed and the and the fifth Hardy Stormwater Detention Basin is still in early feasibility.

The Greens Bayou Mid-Reach Program is a long-term commitment to improving flood resiliency for area residents, and the Flood Control District is dedicated to that vision. Work funded through the 2018 Bond Program will take a great leap forward in realizing this vision, and more work will continue to be phased in even after the projects included in the 2018 Bond Program are complete.


The Kuykendahl Stormwater Detention Basin is located on a 288-acre property south Kuykendahl Road and west of Ella Boulevard.


This project is COMPLETE.


In February 2015, FEMA awarded $39.2 million to the Harris County Flood Control District, under the Hurricane Ike Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), for the construction of the Glen Forest and Kuykendahl stormwater detention basins. The Flood Control District contributed matching funds to fully fund the projects, bringing the total cost of construction to $63.7 million.