Selective Clearing

Selective Clearing

Last Modified: 08/23/2020 04:46 AM


Project description

Harris County Flood Control District conducts limited selective clearing operations within the Addicks Reservoir as part of a five-year agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The primary focus of this operation is to ensure that select natural channels function at peak capacity to convey stormwater from surrounding neighborhoods into the reservoir. This work is in addition to the Flood Control District’s cyclical mowing and maintenance program outside the reservoir boundaries.

Selective clearing at Addicks Reservoir involves identifying and removing downed trees or trees at imminent risk of failure. The work is performed by hand, using chainsaws, machetes, and ropes. Contractors travel the channel on foot, through environmentally sensitive areas with few if any roads. A secondary focus of this operation is to leave as much of the native understory as possible, while clearing non-native species.

In 2016, selective clearing crews worked along Langham Creek, formally identified as HCFCD Unit U100-00-00, from Addicks-Satsuma Road to Clay Road. Crews also targeted South Mayde Creek, formally identified as HCFCD Unit U101-00-00, from Greenhouse Road downstream to tributary U101-15-00, which feeds into South Mayde Creek about 1.5 miles downstream of Barker Cypress.

These are the only channels included in the selective clearing agreement with the Corps. The Flood Control District will continue to monitor these channels and plans to revisit both South Mayde and Langham creeks to check for blockages at least one more time before the five-year agreement term ends in 2020.