Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank

Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank

Last Modified: 09/11/2020 08:55 PM



The Greens Bayou Wetlands Mitigation Bank (Greens WetBank) is a permanently protected, 961-acre expanse of ponds, marshes and forest, located along Greens and Garners bayous in northeast Harris County. 

By preserving, restoring, and creating wetlands at Greens WetBank, the Harris County Flood Control District provides opportunities for federally permitted government and private developments to mitigate for the unavoidable loss of wetlands elsewhere in Harris County.

Wetlands are among the most productive of ecosystems, and perform many important functions that benefit people and wildlife. The creation of wetland "credits" at Greens WetBank helps offset the "debits" of wetland losses due to development. The sale of those credits helps ensure the long-term sustainability of this important wetland preserve.

Greens WetBank

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