Projects & Studies

As of 03/19/2019

Maintenance repairs on Bear Creek tributary U102-01-00

This maintenance project on a tributary of Bear Creek formally identified as HCFCD Unit U102-01-00 began in August 2017 and was completed in 2018. Located in the Addicks Reservoir watershed of northwest Harris County, the project encompassed a one-mile section of U102-01-00 south of Kieth Harrow Boulevard. It included sediment and vegetation removal, erosion repairs, and storm sewer outfall replacements.

Erosion is caused by a combination of poor soils and the movement of stormwater within a bayou or other channel. It can cause a channel’s side slopes to degrade and eventually to fail. Outfall pipes direct the flow of stormwater from surrounding neighborhoods, or from the channel’s backslope swale system, into the drainage channel. Sediment is soil that is broken down, carried and deposited by stormwater.