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As of 05/21/2019

Langham Creek Bypass Channel

The Harris County Flood Control District has been authorized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to remove the sediment that has accumulated over time in the Langham Creek Bypass Channel, HCFCD Unit U200-00-00. This manmade channel is located near the confluence of Langham and Horsepen creeks, east of Addicks Satsuma Road, on Corps-owned Addicks Reservoir property.

This step is expected to improve the conveyance of stormwater through this area, where Langham Creek transitions from more developed residential and business areas to natural areas inside the Addicks Reservoir. It is also a step in making sure that Langham and Horsepen creeks both operate as they were designed to drain stormwater out of neighborhoods bordering the reservoir.

This work will not widen or deepen the bypass channel beyond its original design. The work will lower the elevation of stormwater in the bypass channel and help it to convey stormwater during heavy rain events, but will not permanently empty the bypass channel, since it is designed to hold and direct normal stormwater flow into the natural sections of Langham Creek.

Clearing vegetation and silt from the Langham Creek Bypass Channel is part of an ongoing project to remove silt and repair erosion along all channels that drain into Addicks Reservoir. That project has been under construction since 2018 and will be expanded to additional channels – as well as to channels that drain into Barker Reservoir -- with additional funding from the 2018 Bond Program. In 2018, the Flood Control District removed trees and vegetation from the Langham Creek Bypass Channel.

With recent authorization by the Corps, Flood Control District construction crews  that are already at work removing silt from Langham Creek outside the reservoir will also remove the approximately 37,000 cubic yards of silt deposited in the bypass channel inside the reservoir.

Click on the map below to see the project area in more detail: