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As of 12/06/2018

Langham Creek Bypass Channel

The Langham Creek Bypass Channel, HCFCD Unit U200-00-00, is a man-made channel that routes stormwater from Langham Creek (HCFCD Unit U100-00-00) and Horsepen Creek (HCFCD Unit U106-00-00) around meandering sections of both creeks and into the Addicks Reservoir. The bypass channel is located on the north side of the Addicks Reservoir, near the confluence of Langham Creek and Horsepen Creek. Reservoir property is owned and managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Beginning in late 2018, Harris County Flood Control District crews cleared and removed vegetation from the bypass channel as a preliminary step in efforts to improve the flow of stormwater through this area. 

This clearing work is in connection with the larger Addicks and Barker Reservoirs De-Silt Project, which currently involves removing accumulated sediment from four channels that drain into the Addicks Reservoir, including Langham Creek from State Highway 6 to the reservoir, and Horsepen Creek from from near Hamstead Park Drive to the reservoir.

Clearing of vegetation that has grown within this channel over time and establishing a regular maintenance routine for the future will improve the conveyance of stormwater into the reservoir. It is also a step in making sure that Langham and Horsepen creeks both operate as they were designed to drain stormwater out of neighborhoods bordering the reservoir.