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As of 09/27/2019

Halls Ahead

Halls Bayou, a tributary of Greens Bayou, is located in north central Harris County, Texas. Approximately 20 miles in length, Halls Bayou collects stormwater from the Veterans Memorial Drive area flowing east until it joins Greens Bayou at the city of Houston’s Brock Park. Flooding along Halls Bayou is a persistent hazard for area residents, businesses and property owners. Flooding has been documented at least 14 times since 1970. During Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, more than 13,000 homes in the Halls Bayou watershed flooded, and during Hurricane Ike in 2008 approximately 1,400 homes were damaged by flooding.

What is Halls Ahead?

Halls Ahead is a flood damage reduction study by the Harris County Flood Control District within the Halls Bayou watershed that is incorporating community needs and interests. In August 2011, a team of experts in fluvial geomorphology and hydrology, urban designers, environmental scientists and civil engineers began creating a flood damage reduction plan that considers sustainable design principles and opportunities to enhance the urban and natural environment.

The Halls Ahead study process is divided into three phases, and the study team will seek public feedback during each study phase:

Phase 1: Data Gathering and Collection of Public Feedback
Phase 2: Draft Plan Development and Public Review
Phase 3: Recommended Plan Development and Presentation to the Public