2018 Bond Program

Community Engagement Meetings

Now that the bonds have passed, opportunities for further community engagement will be available for each project. As part of the preliminary engineering process conducted near the beginning of each project’s development stage, and prior to a formal Preliminary Engineering Report being presented to Commissioners Court for approval, the Flood Control District will conduct a public meeting in a primary project watershed to solicit public comments about the project.

A limited number of projects in the Bond Program had already progressed past the Preliminary Engineering stage prior to the Bond Election in August 2018. In order to to avoid delays and accelerate flood risk reduction projects that are already in final design, we will continue to apprise the public about the progress of these projects via direct mail and website updates that provide information about the construction schedule and other important details. 

Completed Community Engagement Meetings

Watershed or Subdivision Date/Time Bond Map ID(s) Project Name Location
Little Cypress Creek > 11/14/18 6 - 8 p.m. > F-26 Little Cypress Creek Frontier Program Richard & Meg Weekley Community Center
8440 Greenhouse Road, Cypress, Texas 77433