Opportunities in Your Neighborhood

Opportunities in Your Neighborhood

Opportinities in your neighborhood

The Flood Control District manages and maintains thousands of acres of land. To better utilize this land and service the community in more ways than just conveying flood waters, select multi-use opportunities were developed to establish partnerships with private or public entities and individuals to utilize this land for other comparable uses.

In 2004, the Harris County Multi-use Partnering Opportunities on Harris County Flood Control District Property. The seminar was the result of a mail survey conducted by the National Park Service that was designed to identify community interest in multi-use opportunities on Harris County Flood Control District properties. The goal was to expand the number of partners who might participate in multi-use projects on the District's 30,000-plus acres. Two desired outcomes were established from this seminar: (1) Understanding what properties the District can share and (2) Understanding how partnerships and projects can be formed.

Three types of multi-use options are available in your neighborhood on Flood Control owned lots:

  • An Adopt-a-Lot Agreement allows adjacent landowners to maintain open spaces specifically by mowing and picking up litter as a way to beautify their neighborhoods. No insurance is required and no fees are involved.
  • A Landscaping Maintenance Agreement allows individuals to plant shrubs, trees and vegetable and flower gardens on Flood Control District land. There is no fee for this use, but a general liability insurance policy is required.
  • A Neighborhood Recreation Area Agreement allows communities to develop park-like areas on individual lots. Larger tracts of land may be available for other approved open space uses including tree plantings, ball fields and bird sanctuaries. This agreement requires an official sponsor, such as a civic association, homeowners association, governmental agency or municipal utility district that is willing to develop, manage and maintain the neighborhood recreation area. There is no fee for this use, but a general liability insurance policy is required.

For more information regarding multi-use, please call the District office and ask for the Community Services Section.