Volunteer Underbrushing

Volunteer Underbrushing

Volunteer underbrush removal events

Underbrush is the low growing plants found beneath trees in a wooded area or forest. Plants such as Chinese Tallow, Privit and Ligustrum are considered invasive and are usually cleared by hand. Underbrushing helps create more tree canopy, which in turn increases shade while reducing undesirable species growth.

It also increases visibility and gives our channels a pleasant, manicured appearance. The Flood Control District can help a sponsor coordinate a volunteer underbrushing event along a bayou, creek or basin.

The process for requesting a volunteer underbrush removal event is basically the same process as for other volunteer events held on District owned property. The following steps must be followed to ensure a successful event.

  • Sponsor must submit a written request (email requests are acceptable)
    • Request must include a map indicating the desired area to be cleared and access points
    • Request must include a map indicating the pick-up locations for collected material
  • Liability Forms must be completed and signed by all participants (a blank form will be provided)

For more information regarding volunteer events, please call the District office and ask for the Community Services Section.