Applying for the Program


applying for the program

A simple signed letter from an adjacent landowner or sponsor that includes the following information will begin the agreement process:

  • Type of agreement sought
  • Address of the property
  • Address and phone number of the adjacent landowner or sponsor requesting an agreement

The letter should be addressed to:

Harris County Flood Control District
Property Management Department
Citizen Service Center
9900 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77092

Once the letter is received, approval takes approximately 60 to 90 days and includes the following steps:

  1. The Flood Control District's Property Management Department reviews the request to verify that the Flood Control District owns the property in fee and to determine if the type of agreement sought (Adopt-a-Lot, Landscaping Maintenance or Neighborhood Recreation Area) is an appropriate use for the property.

  2. After the review is conducted, an agreement is drafted by the Flood Control District and provided to the adjacent landowner or sponsor for review and signature.

  3. The adjacent landowner or sponsor returns the signed agreement to the Flood Control District.

  4. The Flood Control District submits the signed agreement to Harris County Commissioners Court.

  5. The adjacent landowner or sponsor is notified of the Commissioners Court's approval or denial of the agreement. If approved, a copy of the executed agreement is provided.

  6. Once the agreement is executed, the adjacent land owner or sponsor provides the Flood Control District with proof of general liability insurance on the property, if required.