Construction Advisory: Mud Gully (Beamer Ditch) Channel Conveyance Improvements Project Update

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Clear Creek Watershed, we want to notify you about the upcoming construction in your area.

The Flood Control District will resume construction on Mud Gully (Beamer Ditch) Channel Conveyance Improvements Project A120-00-00-C004 in early March 2023. Construction will begin in Segment 1, which is located between Sagedowne Lane and Scarsdale Boulevard. The project includes constructing approximately 55,911 square yards of concrete channel lining to widen A120-00-00 (Mud Gully) and removing and replacing storm sewer system components.

Residents near the project area may begin to see increased construction activity, which will include trucks and heavy machinery. Residents are urged to respect all warning signs as work crews move around the area. The Flood Control District will distribute additional information on the timing of the Astoria Boulevard bridge closure as it is solidified. In addition, project teams are coordinating with local stakeholders, including Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital and San Jacinto College South, on the upcoming closures and traffic pattern changes to ensure no adverse impacts.

The Mud Gully (Beamer Ditch) Channel Conveyance Improvements project is funded and constructed as part of the Clear Creek Federal Flood Risk Management Project.

Once construction is complete, the channel bottom will be widened to 45 feet, with a side slope range that is typically two to three feet horizontal and one foot vertical. Since the width of the channel is limited by Beamer Road on both sides, the concrete lining allows for the maximum volume of water to be conveyed within the channel, decreasing the water surface elevation, which provides the benefit of helping to reduce flood damage risk. Although the flow in the channel will increase, areas downstream will not be impacted because the additional flow will be mitigated by the South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin, which was substantially complete in fall 2022.

The Flood Control District works to reduce flooding across the region and is committed to keeping residents informed. For more information on the project and the traffic control plan, visit

Mud Gully (Beamer Ditch) Channel Conveyance Improvements
Project ID#: A120-00-00-C004
Precinct: 2
Contractor: Rebel Contracting Inc.
Contract Amount: Approximately $8.1 Million
Construction Start: March 2023
Construction Duration: Approximately 16 months