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As of 09/07/2016

Process for Using District Rights of Way for Trails

  1. Sponsor must submit a written project description to the Property Management Department of the District.
  2. Some property ownership information is available at the District, but abstracting prior to the formal agreement must be done by the sponsor.
  3. If the District has only a drainage easement, it will be the responsibility of the trail sponsor to obtain written legal permission from the property owner before a trail can be built.
  4. If the District owns the property in fee, preliminary approval can be granted, provided the sponsor agrees, in concept, to the previously described conditions.
  5. A meeting on site will be arranged among all interested parties.
  6. The sponsor must submit construction plans for approval by the District.
  7. A draft agreement between the District and the sponsor will be prepared by the Harris County Attorney.
  8. A final agreement, as approved by the County Attorney, will be submitted to the sponsor for execution.
  9. The agreement executed by the sponsor will be submitted to Harris County Commissioners Court for approval.
  10. A fully-executed original of the approved agreement will be provided to the sponsor.
  11. Construction can begin.