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As of 10/15/2019

Professional Services Registry

Thank you for considering registration with the Harris County Flood Control District's (HCFCD) Professional Services Registry. All professional service firms interested in providing future services to HCFCD are required to document their qualifications through this registry.

Firms that would like to be included in the registry are required to complete and submit:

  1. Federal Form SF330, Parts I and II, "Architect-Engineers Qualifications".
  2. Verification of the firm's registration with the appropriate Texas Board as required by Texas statutes and where applicable.
  3. Proof of compliance with the tax policy adopted by Harris County Commissioners Court on June 15, 2004.

Federal Form SF330, Parts I and II, can be downloaded from the table below. Firms will not be added to the registry unless all three items above are submitted.  These forms should be submitted in an electronic format through email (PDF file format no larger than 10 MB) to; or on a flash drive to:

Harris County Flood Control District
Attention: Tina Ortiz
9900 Northwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77092

HCFCD requests that submittals focus on the firm's capabilities and services as they relate to HCFCD’s mission statement. In Part 1, Section C of the SF 330, firms do not need to indicate if they wish to be considered a prime consultant or a sub-consultant (don’t check any of the boxes). Firms should submit information for all services that they could provide to HCFCD.  For example, if your firm provides hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, structural engineering, construction management, and surveying services, please include resumes for key personnel and example projects that relate to all of those services. Please make sure that key personnel shown in Section E are included in the organizational chart (Section D). In Section H, your firm can list past and current projects with HCFCD and provide additional detail on unique capabilities that may be of use to HCFCD such as physical modeling, experience with flood warning systems, or computational fluid dynamics.

Form Number Form Name PDF Format Revision
SF330 Architect-Engineer Qualifications download 08/2016
SF330Ex1.1 Extra Page 1 Part 1 of SF330 download 08/2016
SF330Extr1 Extra Part 1 of SF330 download 08/2016
SF330Extr2 Extra Part 2 of SF330 download 08/2016
SF330_SE Extra Section E for SF330 Form download 08/2016
SF330_SF Extra Section F for SF330 Form download 08/2016
SF330_SG Extra Section G for SF330 Form download 08/2016
SF330_SH Extra Section H for SF330 Form download 08/2016

HCFCD welcomes new submissions to the registry year-round, but limits submittal to one (1) per professional services firm. In order to maintain an accurate and current registry, we require that firms submit annual updates (starting from the original submission date). Also, updates are encouraged throughout the year as needed to document significant changes at the firm, such as a change of address. Please note that updates shall include SF330, Parts I and II, as updates will completely replace the previous submittal.

We look forward to your submittal and the opportunity to consider your firm’s qualifications for future work with HCFCD.

To be considered for future HCFCD professional service contracts, firm registration is required, however registration does not guarantee future work.

Please submit questions or requests for additional information to