Construction Advisory: Cypress Rosehill Stormwater Detention Basin

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Willow Creek watershed, we want to notify you of an upcoming project in your area. In Winter 2020/21, the Flood Control District will begin an Excavation & Removal contract (E&R) as part of a project to expand the existing Cypress Rosehill Stormwater Detention Basin (HCFCD Unit M528-01-00). An E&R is a way to get started with preliminary excavation in advance of major project construction

This basin is located on a 25-acre tract on the east side of Cypress Rosehill Road, between Burkhardt Road and Seidel Cemetery Road, in northwest Harris County. The purpose of the basin is to reduce flood risks in the Willow Creek watershed by safely storing excess stormwater during heavy rain events and slowly releasing it back to the bayou when the threat of flooding has passed. 

At a Community Engagement Meeting in June 2019, residents voiced concerns about an apparent inadequate level of stormwater detention in the existing basin. As a result of the public’s input, the Flood Control District has conducted a preliminary evaluation of the existing basin and is coordinating with the Harris County Engineering Department regarding alternatives for increasing stormwater flow to the basin.

In the interim, the Flood Control District has put the project to expand the existing basin on hold and is proceeding with the E&R. Harris County Engineering is also planning repairs that will enable the existing stormwater detention basin at this site to more efficiently fill with stormwater and to drain after a rain event. This future expansion project will be funded with bonds approved by Harris County voters on August 25, 2018. When complete, the basin will add 140 acre-feet, approximately 46 million gallons, of stormwater storage, for a total capacity of 184 acre-feet, approximately 60 million gallons.

Access to the work area will be via Harris County rights-of-way in the project area. The contractor will use heavy construction equipment such as dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers. Motorists are urged to be alert to truck traffic when passing near construction access points and along truck routes. The Flood Control District appreciates your patience and understanding through the duration of this project.

More about the Flood Control District’s Excavation & Removal Program

An E&R allows the Flood Control District to get started on the most time-consuming part of a basin project, by removing a large quantity of soil from the site, at a fraction of the cost as compared to typical basin construction.

  • The Flood Control District provides a general excavation layout to the E&R contractor, in keeping with expectations for the basin’s ultimate design.
  • The E&R contractor can appropriately use material excavated from that limited footprint, helping to reduce future construction costs, and allowing available construction funding to go that much further.
  • The duration of the E&R agreement is three years; however, this agreement could be extended or terminated at an earlier date.
  • At a later date, the Flood Control District will hire a construction firm to complete construction according to the Cypress Rosehill Stormwater Detention Basin design plans, producing a fully functional expansion to the existing stormwater detention basin.

Contractor – North Houston Trucking

Construction Start – On or about January 2020

Construction Contract Duration – Three years

To ask a question or to comment on project activities, please visit the Cypress Rosehill Stormwater Detention Basin project webpage