Construction Update: Chimney Rock and S. Rice Bridges

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Brays Bayou watershed, we want to notify you of upcoming construction projects in your area.

Starting February 2021, the Flood Control District will begin construction on the Chimney Rock and S. Rice bridges, identified as HCFCD Project ID D100-00-00-B030, in southwest Harris County.  The current north and south bound bridges at Chimney Rock Road and South Rice Avenue will be demolished and replaced with a single bridge that will be higher, longer, and wider.  This will increase the channel's stormwater carrying capacity, allowing for more flood waters to flow at the bridge locations.

We anticipate minimal traffic impacts during construction, because segments of both bridges will remain open to commuter and pedestrian traffic during the construction period, with temporary lane closures to the north and south bound lanes as the bridges are being reconstructed. In addition, North and South Braeswood will have temporary lane closures and pedestrian detours during the construction. Detour signs will be posted in the area.

The Meyergrove Stormwater Detention Basin project, also discussed at the October 12, 2020 virtual public meeting, has completed design and is awaiting funding to begin construction.

S. Rice and Chimney Rock Bridges

Contractor – Ragle, Inc.

Contract Amount – $20,093,840.80

Construction Start – February 2021

Construction Contract Duration – 364 calendar days

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