Flood Control District Website Gets a Fresh Look

The Harris County Flood Control District has made updates to the district's website with the goal of making it easier for first-time visitors to find information about projects and activities. These changes will begin to appear on at the end of January.

The changes include new features on the home page, along with an updated menu system which organizes site content into four main categories: About, Activity, Resources, and Community. This new menu system will allow visitors to preview and directly navigate to more of the content within each of these new sections, while the updated homepage will provide a richer and more detailed introduction into the work of the Flood Control District and an updated mapping interface for exploring active Capital and Major Maintenance projects.


"This is just the next chapter in a story that began in 2019 and will continue for as long as people live in Houston. I'm very proud of the work that's been done, but it's really just one step in applying our mission, not just to the channels we manage, but to the technology we use to share our progress and priorities with the community," said HCFCD Creative Services Lead, Martin Pepper.