Harris County Flood Control District and City of Houston Acquire Land For New Flood Damage Reduction Project For Kingwood Area

HOUSTON, TEXAS – The Harris County Flood Control District and the City of Houston have worked together to acquire a 267.35-acre site formerly owned by Figure Four Partners, Ltd. to provide future stormwater detention to reduce existing flooding risks in the Kingwood area. The site is located in Montgomery County, near Kingwood Park High School.

“This is a great example of government doing what government is supposed to do – listening to the people who live in those neighborhoods and working to protect them from future flooding, and I appreciate the added benefit of getting the City of Houston to adopt stricter regulations closer in line with those of Harris County,” said Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner R. Jack Cagle.

The Harris County Flood Control District and the City of Houston jointly purchased the property for approximately $14 million. The Flood Control District is using funds from the 2018 Bond Program (Bond ID Z-02) to acquire the land. The City of Houston contributed approximately $3.8 million dollars for the use and ownership of 73 of the 267.35 acres.

“I am thrilled to see the City of Houston and Harris County’s combined efforts to provide flood mitigation through the completion of purchasing this land. We have worked tirelessly towards this initiative since the area first flooded in May 2019 and again in September of the same year. This purchase is integral for investment in the future of the Kingwood area as well as many homes along the county line. Collaboration like this is essential in providing a sense of security to many residents who have endured so much uncertainty these last few years,” said Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin.

By working with the City of Houston, a major flood damage reduction project is being delivered to residents in the the Kingwood area.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw stated, “I am pleased to see the City and County work together to purchase this property. This investment will be crucial to protecting the north end of Kingwood from future flooding. This would not have been possible without community support, the advocacy of Mayor Pro Tem Dave Martin and the support of Commissioner Jack Cagle. This is an important step forward in building a more resilient community.”

“This type of partnership and investment will make Kingwood and surrounding areas better protected, and more resilient for future storms.  I want to congratulate Commissioner Cagle, the City of Houston and the Harris County Flood Control District on their proactive approach and commitment to flood prevention for Kingwood,” said State Senator Brandon Creighton.

The next step is to undergo an engineering analysis to maximize stormwater detention volume, quantify the benefit to the community and determine project cost and funding. Additional community engagement will be scheduled to gather input from area residents on the proposed project and to present project alternatives.

 "I am grateful to Harris County and the City of Houston for working together to complete this acquisition. This is a great example of different areas of government working together to achieve the best outcomes for local residents. I look forward to continue working with them as the project progresses," said State Representative Dan Huberty.

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