The Harris County Flood Control District has launched a new website to support its partnership project with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The website,, will support the MAAPnext project, a Modeling, Assessment and Awareness Project (MAAP), that will produce the next generation of flood hazard maps for Harris County.

MAAPnext will use the most up-to-date technology to provide a better understanding of flood risks throughout Harris County, including previously unmapped urban flooding (also referred to as overland, ponding or non-riverine flooding). 

MAAPnext will develop updated FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), as well as additional tools for communicating the results of this project. These tools include an array of flood risk products that allow residents to better understand the potential depth and frequency of flooding in a given area, identify areas where flood flow velocities could rise to dangerous levels and identify areas where mobility may be significantly impacted by flooding. 

As the project progresses, more interactive information and functionality will be added to the website. In 2021, when the Flood Control District submits the maps and models to FEMA for review, Harris County residents will be able to enter their addresses on the to learn about their individual flood risks. 

Since its inception in 1937, the Flood Control District has continually worked to better understand flood risk throughout the county. This project represents a transformative step in the management and regulation of Harris County's floodplains. Recent advancements in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software and methodologies will allow the Flood Control District to identify and evaluate flood risks in greater detail than was previously possible. These advancements will allow the Flood Control District to understand and map flooding related to bayous, creeks and other natural drainage patterns. Additionally, the Flood Control District will be able to identify and map flooding in streets and neighborhoods on a county-wide level.   


The Harris County Flood Control District provides flood damage reduction projects that work, with appropriate regard for community and natural values. With more than 1,500 bayous and creeks totaling approximately 2,500 miles in length, the Flood Control District accomplishes its mission by devising flood damage reduction plans, implementing the plans and maintaining the infrastructure.