Advisory for Baywood Stormwater Detention Basin

Beginning on or about September 27, 2021, wildlife biologists working with the Harris County Flood Control District will begin temporary, non-lethal steps to dispel and discourage birds from gathering at the Baywood Stormwater Detention Basin site. These activities are designed to reduce the risk to nearby La Porte Municipal Airport and Ellington Air Force Base aircraft from potentially dangerous bird strikes during departures and landing approaches.

The temporary, non-lethal steps include the placement of various predator decoys and use of lasers. Additional alternatives such as  the use of airhorns and pyrotechnics will be considered in the future, if necessary. This temporary activity is expected to continue as needed for several months, or until active construction begins at the site sometime later this fall or winter.

Active construction planned for the site includes the leveling of previously excavated areas that are currently holding water, which attracts birds and other wildlife. These areas are currently being pumped, but wildlife hazard mitigation action is also necessary to discourage birds from gathering until the standing water issue is resolved.

 A flood risk reduction project to construct a dry-bottom stormwater detention basin at this site is currently in the Design stage.

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