Bridge Closure Update for the Mud Gully Channel Conveyance Improvements Project

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Clear Creek Watershed, we want to provide an update on the imminent Scarsdale Boulevard bridge closure in connection with the Mud Gully Channel Conveyance Improvements Project.

Beginning in early October, the Scarsdale Boulevard bridge will be closed to traffic in both directions for channel conveyance improvements work occurring under the bridge.

For the duration of the closure, motorists will be routed to either Sagedowne Lane or Astoria Boulevard. The traffic signals at the intersection of Beamer Road and Scarsdale Boulevard, will maintain green-yellow-red operations on the open approaches. To prevent confusion at the intersection, the traffic signals for the closed lanes will be covered.

The bridge is expected to reopen in late fall, barring no unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather.

The Flood Control District appreciates your patience and understanding with these construction inconveniences for this project in your area. For more information on the project and the traffic control plan, visit