Construction Advisory for W. Little York Stormwater Detention Basins

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Addicks Reservoir watershed, we want to notify you of an upcoming construction project. Starting in Winter 2021/2022, the Flood Control District will begin an Excavation and Removal (E&R) project on property north of West Little York Road and west of Highway 6. This property will be an active construction zone for the extent of the contract, which could be up to three years.

The work involves heavy machinery and will include clearing multiple paths for the crews and equipment to access the work site, as well as excavating and removing soil and other material. The work will impact footpaths and bike trails throughout the property and will require closing the construction zone to visitors, for their safety and the safety of work crews.

Physical barriers and safety signage alerting visitors to the closure of this property will be placed at access points and additional signage will be added as needed. Residents are asked to follow all posted signage and remain clear of the construction zone. Violators will be prosecuted.

More about the Flood Control District’s Excavation & Removal Program
An E&R allows the Flood Control District to get started on the most time-consuming part of a basin project, by removing a large quantity of soil from the site, at a fraction of the cost as compared to typical basin construction.

  • The Flood Control District provides a general excavation layout to the E&R contractor, in keeping with expectations for the basin’s ultimate design.
  • The E&R contractor can appropriately use material excavated from that limited footprint, helping to reduce future construction costs, and allowing available construction funding to go that much further.
  • The duration of the E&R agreement is three years; however, this agreement could be extended or terminated at an earlier date.
  • At a later date, the Flood Control District will hire a construction firm to complete construction according to the W. Little York Stormwater Detention Basins design plans, producing a fully functional expansion to the existing stormwater detention basin.

Project Name: E&R U500-01-00-E003
Precinct: 3
Contractor – APCON Services, LLC
Contract Amount – $1,000.00
Mobilization Start – December 27, 2021
Construction Contract Duration – Approximately three years

To ask a question or to comment on project activities, please visit the W. Little York Stormwater Detention Basins project webpage