Construction Completion Notice: South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Clear Creek watershed, we are pleased to announce construction on the final phase, Phase 3, of the South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin is now substantially complete. To commemorate the completion of this project, a ribbon-cutting event was recently held by Harris County Precinct 2.

The basin is located on Mud Gully/Beamer Ditch, HCFCD Unit 120-00-00, near the intersection of Beamer Road and South Fork Boulevard. Occupying approximately 59 acres of land, construction on Phase 3 began in spring 2020 and was substantially complete in fall 2022. Previous phases of the project were completed in partnership with Galveston County in 2018 and 2019.

“Every step we take toward reducing chronic flooding is a stride in the right direction. I’m pleased the South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin is now complete. Residents and property owners in this area can now breathe easier. Every completed flooding project helps reduce flooding risks and damages during heavy rain events,” said Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

“There is much more work left to be done this year, but this project represents the kind of progress our residents deserve. I will continue to work to ensure flood mitigation stays at the forefront of our county-wide priorities, especially in Precinct 2,” Garcia continued. 

Stormwater detention basins reduce flooding risks and damages during heavy rain events by safely storing excess stormwater and slowly releasing it back to the creek when the threat of flooding has passed. The South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin is designed to hold approximately 1,550 acre-feet, or 505 million gallons, of regional stormwater. This basin will help reduce existing flood levels and provides stormwater storage needed for mitigation of expected increases in stormwater flows resulting from channel improvements to Mud Gully (HCFCD Unit A120-00-00, also known as Beamer Ditch), Turkey Creek (HCFCD Unit 119-00-00), and other projects.

“The completion of the South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin is an important milestone,” said Flood Control District Executive Director Dr. Tina Petersen. “This project delivers critical stormwater detention and mitigation by holding more than 500 million gallons of regional stormwater and reduces the risk of flooding for more than 100 homes in this area. I am grateful for the partnerships and community support that have made this a successful project.”

The South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin project is separate from, but complements, the Clear Creek Federal Flood Risk Management Project, which is now in design. The Flood Control District works to reduce flooding across the region and is committed to keeping residents informed. For more information on this project or other Flood Control District projects, please visit  

South Belt Stormwater Detention Basin: Phase 3
Project ID: A520-03-00-E003
2018 HCFCD Bond Project ID: C-05
Precinct: 2
Contractor: Sprint Sand & Clay LLC
Contract Amount: approximately $15.6 million
Contract Start: Spring 2020
Contract Duration: 692 calendar days