Construction completed on three projects in Halls Bayou Watershed, benefitting approximately 100 area structures

HOUSTON, TEXAS – May 20, 2022 – The Harris County Flood Control District has completed construction of the Little York and Hopper Stormwater Detention Basins, and Tributary P118-14-00 Channel Conveyance Improvements (Bond ID C-35), located in the Halls Bayou watershed. The two stormwater detention basins were funded with local Flood Control District dollars in combination with a Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR), for a total project cost of $3.8 million.

“Reducing chronic flooding has been one of my priorities since taking office. This project along Halls Bayou represents the kind of progress residents expect to see,” said Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

“Making Harris County more flood resilient requires a commitment to make smart investments and a county-wide strategy. Families moving here and companies hoping to invest and create jobs want to be in areas where their businesses and homes are free from flood fears. This project is one piece of the county-wide puzzle to keeping us safer from flood waters,” he continued. 

Both stormwater detention basins are located along Halls Bayou Tributary P118-14-00, located between Highway 59 and Hirsch Road. The Hopper Stormwater Detention Basin is located just north of Hopper Road, and the Little York Stormwater Detention Basin is located between Little York Road and Langley Road. The Little York and Hopper basins can hold an estimated 200-acre-feet, or approximately 65 million gallons, of stormwater that would otherwise flood homes and businesses. Two additional 12-ft x 10-ft box culverts were installed below Little York Road as part of the channel conveyance improvements.  

Together, the stormwater detention basins and channel conveyance improvements will remove the 100-year flood plain from approximately 100 structures along the Halls Bayou watershed. These projects are part of the watershed-wide Halls Bayou Implementation Program, which includes more than 20 miles of channel conveyance improvements and construction of several stormwater detention basins estimated to hold more than 10,000 acre-feet, or approximately 32.6 billion gallons, of stormwater. 

"These projects will provide much-needed flood mitigation for the communities in this area, as well as the greater Halls Bayou watershed,” said Dr. Tina Petersen, Executive Director of the Flood Control District.

“I’m excited to complete the remaining bond projects for this area and across Harris County." 

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