E501-02-00-E001 Construction Completion Notice

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the White Oak Bayou watershed, we wanted to let you know construction on the Riggs Stormwater Detention Basin is now complete.

Construction on the dry-bottom stormwater detention basin began in May 2022 and was completed in December 2022. The basin was designed to provide 20.6 acre-feet of regional stormwater storage during heavy rainfall events. Occupying approximately eight acres of land, the basin is located adjacent to the southbound feeder of I-45 (North Freeway) and Little White Oak Bayou between Riggs Road and Stokes Street.

The Flood Control District works to reduce flooding across the region and is committed to keeping residents informed. For more information on this project or other Flood Control District projects, please visit

Riggs Stormwater Detention Basin
Project ID: E501-02-00-E001
Precinct: 1
Contractor: Texas Dewatering, LLC
Contract Amount: Approximately $1.5 Million