Flood Control District to Begin Construction on Newport Drainage Repairs

HOUSTON, TEXAS – The Harris County Flood Control District will begin construction on a $250,000 maintenance project that will re-grade and widen the ditch along North Diamondhead Boulevard and add storm sewer and inlets on Golf Club Drive. The proposed improvements are designed to provide conveyance of offsite drainage flow to R102-00-00 (Gum Gully) and improve localized drainage on Golf Club Drive in the Newport Subdivision.

“I’m very excited to see this project come to fruition,” said Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia. “The residents flagged this drainage ditch as a concern when my staff met with them shortly after Tropical Storm Imelda. Flood reduction and prevention has been a major priority of mine which is why we immediately took action and began the study process, and confirmed that these improvements were necessary to reduce the flood-risk of those neighbors. To the residents of Newport, and all Precinct 2 residents for that matter, I will continue to work hard every day to serve you and continue to work on our infrastructure to do more flood reduction. Thank you to my staff and our partners at the Flood Control District for their work on this project.” 

There will be heavy machinery near the project site and vegetation removal will be needed on the north side of North Diamondhead Boulevard in order to properly prepare the site for construction. The storm sewer will be installed behind the curb along Golf Club Drive.

The construction project will take about a month to complete, and sidewalks and driveways will be replaced after the storm sewer installation. For more information, visit



Sheldra Brigham, External Communications Lead


[email protected]