HOUSTON, May 22, 2023 – Today, the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) announced a strategic restructuring of the organization to bolster operational efficiency and enhance community engagement. The restructuring includes the creation of new executive leadership roles and the redefinition of certain departments and divisions.

The new leadership roles include the Chief Partnership and Programs Officer, the Chief Financial and Administration Officer, the Chief Project Delivery Officer, and the Chief Infrastructure and Operations Officer. These positions aim to optimize functions, streamline collaborative efforts, and reaffirm HCFCD's commitment to administrative excellence and efficient project delivery.

Scott Elmer, P.E., a longstanding public servant, has assumed the role of Chief of Partnership and Programs effective May 8, 2023. Bruce Haupt, Ph.D., with experience across the city of Houston, Harris County, NGOs, and the private sector, steps into the CFO role. In addition, Jesal Shah, P.E., steps into a new role of Chief Project Delivery Officer, which will leverage his considerable experience leading flood risk reduction planning, design, engineering, and construction efforts as a senior leader for the government of British Columbia.

"The new executive roles reflect a strategic approach towards optimizing our resources and strengthening the Flood Control District's service to the community," said Dr. Tina Petersen, Executive Director at the Flood Control District. "With the creation of these roles, we aim to enhance our operational efficiency and drive our shared mission of flood resilience."

In addition to the new roles, there will be changes at both divisional and departmental levels. The restructuring will take effect on May 22, 2023.

The HCFCD assures that the restructuring will not involve any layoffs or furloughs. The new structure is designed to enhance functions, improve collaborative efforts, and increase efficiency within the organization.

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