Major Maintenance Cypress Creek & Tributaries Batches 1 and 2 Construction Completion Notice

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Cypress Creek watershed, we want to notify you of recently completed work in your area. As of December 2022, the Flood Control District has completed work on Batch 1 and Batch 2 of the Major Maintenance of Cypress Creek and Tributaries program. This program aims to restore channel conveyance capacity in the watershed by repairing erosion and removing the sediment that has built up over time.

Dozens of individual project sites are included in the overall effort, so the program is being constructed in 4-5 groups of sites, called batches.

Batch 1 began construction in June 2020 and was completed nearly one year ahead of schedule. It involved work on 7 channels, including Spring Gully (K131-00-00), Theiss Gully (K131-02-00), Dry Gully (K133-00-00), plus several tributaries, located primarily between Spring-Cypress Road and Cypresswood Drive. The contract amount for this work was $13.4 million.

Batch 2 began construction in August 2021 and was also completed slightly ahead of schedule. The work involved nine channels, including tributaries of both Faulkey Gully (K142-00-00) and Pillot Gully (K140-00-00), as well as others in the Cypress Creek watershed. The contract amount for this work was $3.3 million.
The construction included removal of silt from the channel, placement of riprap (stones designed to protect from erosion), erosion repair, outfall pipe removal and replacement, manhole replacements, concrete channel lining replacements, excavation and off-site disposal, imported fill and site restoration. This work did not widen or deepen these channels, but returned them to their designed capacity to convey stormwater.
Together, these two batches involved repairs to approximately 69,396 linear feet of channel, removed 124,500 cubic yards of excavated material, and installed 22,800 linear feet of pipe, 114,200 tons of rock and 1,262 cubic yards of concrete.

This major maintenance effort was funded through the 2018 Bond Program as Bond ID CI-012. Batch 3 began work in 2022 and is still under construction, and preparations for additional batches of work are also underway.

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