More Gages, More Data: Harris County Flood Control District Increasing Gage Stations Around the Region

The Harris County Flood Control District installed a total of 23 new gage stations in 2020 of which 10 were in the Flood Control District’s network and 13 were installed as part of regional partnerships through inter-local agreements.

The 10 gages installed within the Flood Control District’s network were located at the following locations:

  • Boggy Bayou @ San Augustine Street
  • Patricks Bayou @ East 8th Street
  • Taylor Bayou @ Port Road
  • Clear Creek @ Dixie Farm Road
  • East Fork San Jacinto @ SH 105
  • Tarkington Bayou @ SH 105
  • Luce Bayou @ SH 321
  • Armand Bayou @ Space Center Boulevard
  • Cedar Bayou @ FM 1960
  • Vince Bayou @ Fairmont

Gages installed along portions of Cedar Bayou, Luce Bayou, Tarkington Bayou, and the East Fork of the San Jacinto River were added to increase rainfall coverage and water level information on the upstream headwaters of these watersheds in northern and central Liberty County, northeastern Montgomery County and far eastern Harris County. It became clear during the widespread and significant flooding resulting from Tropical Storm Imelda (2019) in this area, that additional rainfall and stream information in the headwaters of these watersheds would greatly benefit downstream warning and preparations in northeast Harris County.

Other gages were added in southeast Harris County at the requests of the cities of Deer Park, Pasadena, and El Lago to monitor rainfall and stream levels in areas that have historically experienced flooding during heavy rainfall. The Taylor Bayou at Port Road gage was added in December 2020 after the frequent coastal flooding during the 2020 Hurricane Season.

The Harris County Flood Control District has entered into several inter-local agreements to install and maintain rainfall and stream gages in areas surrounding Harris County as part of the expanding regional flood warning system. In 2020, 13 new gages were added in Waller County, Fort Bend County, City of Friendswood, and Galveston County Drainage District #1. Other regional flood warning system inter-locals are in place with the City of Sugarland, City of Mount Belvieu, The Woodlands, and Brazoria Drainage District #4. At this time, new gages are planned for 2021 for the City of League City and an additional 15 locations.

Since the flooding associated with Hurricane Harvey in 2017 a total of 102 new gage stations have been added to the regional flood warning system network. The current regional flood warning system network has a total of 360 gage stations when combined with those locations operated and maintained by the San Jacinto River Authority, TXDOT, and the Trinity River Authority and is one of the largest and most sophisticated networks in the nation.