Project Update for the T.C. Jester Stormwater Detention Basin

In an effort to keep you informed about the Harris County Flood Control District’s continuing improvements in the Cypress Creek watershed, we want to notify you of upcoming activity in connection with the T.C. Jester Stormwater Detention Basin project. Starting on or about January 6, 2022, Flood Control District property east of T.C. Jester Boulevard will be temporarily closed to the public for safety reasons to allow for limited clearing of the site.

Mechanical clearing of underbrush and small trees in limited areas throughout the site – expected to last approximately 10 days, weather permitting – will make it possible to conduct additional topographic surveys and geotechnical investigations as part of the project’s Design stage. All trails and footpaths on the property east of T.C. Jester Boulevard, south of Cypresswood Drive and north of Cypress Creek will be off limits to the public for the duration of this clearing activity.

The work involves clearing six-foot wide paths of underbrush every 100 feet across the property using heavy mechanical equipment. In addition, 15-foot-wide paths to provide access for future geotechnical boring equipment, as well as clearing around future geotechnical boring sites, will be necessary in various locations. Clearing activity will follow a migratory bird nesting survey of the site, in keeping with federal environmental regulations.

Work crews will enter the site from T.C. Jester Boulevard. Safety signage alerting visitors to the temporary closure of this property are up at access points and will be added as needed. Residents are asked to follow all posted signage and remain clear of the construction zone.

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