F-99 Red Bluff Regional Stormwater Detention Basin

F-99 Red Bluff Regional Stormwater Detention Basin

Recent Action

May 24, 2022 – Harris County Commissioners Court approved a $954,740 agreement with an engineering firm to provide preliminary engineering services in support of this project.

November 9, 2021 – Harris County Commissioners Court authorized negotiations with an engineering firm regarding preliminary engineering, design, bidding, and construction stage services for optimization of this stormwater detention basin.

Project Description

This project involves the optimization of an existing regional stormwater detention basin in the Armand Bayou watershed, the Red Bluff Stormwater Detention Basin, formally identified as HCFCD Unit B500-04-00. The project will examine ways to make the most effective use of this basin in connection with potential future stormwater conveyance improvements that would reduce flooding risks in the area.

In order to move ahead with a potential future project to modify one or more existing channels in the area to improve stormwater conveyance, the basin will be needed to provide additional stormwater detention mitigation to prevent downstream impacts.

During the preliminary engineering stage of this project, alternatives may include:

  • Expanding or deepening the existing basin compartments, which may require additional right-of-way acquisition,
  • Revising the existing infrastructure that connects the basin to Armand Bayou B100-00-00,
  • Considering one or more tributary channels upstream of the Red Bluff basin for stormwater conveyance improvements, to reduce flooding risks in the watershed.

Stormwater detention basins often work in conjunction with channel conveyance improvement projects to reduce flooding risks. While the channel conveyance improvements move the stormwater more efficiently out of an area, the stormwater detention basin takes in and temporarily stores stormwater to ensure that the increased conveyance does not transfer the flooding risk to downstream communities. Typically, stormwater detention is constructed first, and can provide flood risk reduction benefits on its own.

This project was recommended by the Armand Bayou Watershed Planning Study. https://www.hcfcd.org/Activity/Active-Projects/Armand-Bayou/F-96-Armand-Bayou-Watershed-Planning-Project

Funding for this project and others in the Armand Bayou watershed is included in the 2018 Bond Program and Bond ID F-99, which provides $10 million for right-of-way, design and construction of stormwater conveyance improvements along Armand Bayou.

Virtual Public Meeting

The Harris County Flood Control District held a Community Engagement Meeting for the Red Bluff Stormwater Detention Basin Optimization project in the Armand Bayou watershed.

Date: Thursday, September 29, 2022
Time: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.