Z100-00-00-X259 - Cypress Creek Watershed

Z100-00-00-X259 - Cypress Creek Watershed

Last Modified: 08/10/2020 08:59 PM



Z100-00-00-X259 is a project for maintenance repairs on Cypress Creek formally identified as HCFCD Unit K100-00-00, from Hardy Toll Road to 4,750 Linear Feet upstream. 

This channel maintenance project will repair erosion, remove accumulated sediment and repair failed storm sewer outfall pipes along this section of K100-00-00. The project also will restore the banks of the bayou as they run along the Inverness Forest and Highland Glen communities. 

Construction equipment will access the work area from public road rights of way, and along the northern outside edge of the Inverness Forest Levee system. The contractor will use heavy construction equipment such as dump trucks, backhoes and bulldozers. Motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to be alert to heavy equipment traffic when passing near construction access points.

  • From Hardy Toll Road to 4,750 Linear Feet upstream 
  • Project ID# K100-00-00-X078 
  • Contractor – LECON, Inc. 
  • Estimated Project Cost – $10,000,000 
  • Construction Start – July 2019 
  • Estimated Construction Duration – 550 calendar days