Z100-00-00-X281 - Brays Bayou

Z100-00-00-X281 - Brays Bayou

Last Modified: 06/19/2020 03:27 PM



Z100-00-00-X281 is a major maintenance project that will repair various types of channel failures in different project areas within the Brays Bayou watershed. Channel failures, like erosion or sinkholes, can occur naturally over time or may form quickly due to a storm event. These repairs are necessary to help stabilize the channel and prevent further impact to the stream. There will be heavy machinery near project sites and vegetation removal operations may be needed in order to properly prepare the site for construction. For public safety reasons, trail users can expect intermittent closures as the projects progress. Please pay attention to posted signage in the project areas.

Projects that fall under Z100-00-00-X281 include:

Brays Bayou Watershed Repairs

D140-04-00-X007  consists of approximately 4,340 linear feet of drainage system repairs caused by erosion and slope failures and includes repair to a concrete pilot channel, replacement of damaged drainage structures and desilt of the channel from Riceville School Road downstream to its confluence with D140-04-01.