Z100-00-00-X283 - Cypress Creek

Z100-00-00-X283 - Cypress Creek

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Z100-00-00-X283 - Cypress Creek Watershed

Z100-00-00-X283 is a collection of major maintenance projects that will repair various types of channel failures at 20 repair points (8 Project IDs) within the Cypress Creek watershed. Portions of the identified channels are considered to be in serious failure and these repairs are necessary to prevent further impact to the channels.

In order to restore channel conveyance capacity to its original design, excavation may widen some channel sections beyond their current condition.

The total cost for these channel repairs is expected to be approximately $4.0M and will be funded using grants from the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

There will be heavy machinery near project sites and substantial vegetation removal operations may be needed in order to properly prepare the site for construction. For public safety reasons, trail users can expect intermittent closures as the projects progress. Please pay attention to posted signage in the project areas.

Anticipated completion for all sites is Summer 2020 depending on the weather.

Projects that fall under Z100-00-00-X283 include:

K105-00-00-X002 - consists of repairing a natural channel, at Cypresswood Dr. and Cypressgate Dr. adjacent to the Cypress Court Apartments and the Cypresswood Green subdivision and includes two (2) repair points. One repair point includes approximately 160 linear feet of toe of slope and side slope repair located at the upstream section of the natural channel and includes extending the riprap up the proposed side slope. The second repair point includes 150 linear feet of toe of slope and side slope repair and includes extending the riprap up the proposed side slope. This repair also includes replacement of the damaged section of an outfall pipe from an existing backslope interceptor structure.

K111-00-00-X025 - consists of repairs to approximately 3,238 linear feet of Turkey Creek located northeast of FM 1960 and north of Bush IAH that include toe and slope repair and re-establishing the flowline by filling the eroded channel bottom with well graded granular fill as required and installing a riprap rock wedge at the toe of slope on both embankments in order to construct a proposed 10-foot wide channel bottom to the proposed design flowline. At the downstream end of the project, the last 370 linear feet will be constructed with rock trenches to form energy dissipation pools and spillways.


K111-00-00-X032 - consists of 4 repair points near Turkey Creek at Hardy Toll Rd & Steve's Crossing. Repair 3 sinkholes that have developed into gullies extending down the side slopes. Repairs will include excavating vegetation, debris, and loose soil from the sinkhole and associated voids, collapsing the sinkhole and voids under the side slope and backfilling with select fill. Repair a damaged pipe that outfalls from a detention basin along the Hardy Toll Rd feeder under a concrete overflow spillway that extends down the side slope of Turkey Creek with a deep void under the concrete overflow structure. Repair includes demolition of the existing concrete overflow structure, removing and replacing the pipe, filling the void, and reconstructing the concrete overflow structure in accordance with HCFCD standard specifications.

K112-01-00-X005 - consists of repairs near Cypresswood Dr. and Postwood Park, adjacent to the Postwood Glen subdivision. This channel repair is along a natural creek, also known as the North Fork of Wild Cow Gulch. Approximately 130 linear feet of toe of slope and side slope will be repaired.

K120-00-00-X019 - consists of repair to a natural channel, also known as Lemm Gully, located in the North Hill Estates subdivision. The project involves approximately 1,000 linear feet of toe and slope repair and re-establishing the flowline through the reach of the project area. Additional repairs will be performed at the upstream end of the 1,000 linear foot channel repair. The flowline will be re-established by constructing a 10-foot wide bottom. There are additional repair points on the downstream section of the Lemm Gully project. Two of the repairs are toe of slope repairs and side slope repairs and regrading that includes one outfall pipe repair. There is also a spot repair for filling a void under an aerial sanitary sewer pipe concrete support at the downstream limits of the Lemm Gully project.

K120-01-00-X014 - consists of repairs to Senger Gully, east of IH 45 including filling voids under the existing concrete-lined channel section at three (3) different locations with flowable concrete fill and desilting about 650 linear feet of the concrete-lined channel. There is one additional toe slope repair on the west side of IH 45 on the west side of Cypresswood Drive.


K120-03-00-X006 - consists of channel repairs to Wunsche Gully. This project is located on the east side of IH 45 off of Wunsche Loop Road, north of Spring Cypress Road.

K165-00-00-X007 - consists of repairs to a manmade channel at the deadend of Cypresswood Drive in the Timber Lane subdivision. Will repair a sinkhole and eroded gully down the eastern embankment that may also include a damaged outfall pipe from the adjacent backslope interceptor structure. Contractor is to excavate the sinkhole and side slope gully to determine if the pipe is damaged and will make the necessary repairs as necessary.